... finest high-frequency devices for arthroscopic surgery

In the field of arthroscopy MEDEVO sets new standards with the bipolar BiVac electrodes. This means arthroscopic interventions under the use of saline solution without any relevant temperature development and maximum pain reduction. Patient comfort at the highest level!

ARTro 200

Highend RF-Generator

The ARTro 200 is equipped with the latest technology and software. The generator was specially developed for arthroscopy.


  • RF-Generator for bipolar and monopolar arthroscopy 
  • Specially for BiVac and BiCart electrodes
  • Best results in saline solution




  • High-tech bipolar mode for the work in saline solution.                       
  • Universal use in the bipolar and monopolar spectrum of arthroscopy.                                                                                                    
  • Automatic control of the parameters /performance during activation.                                                                                                         
  • Instrument detection with the optimal settings

BiVac Bipolar Arthroscopic Electrodes with suction

Safe handling, maximum of efficiency

The BiVac-Electrodes are designed for cutting, vaporisation, coagulation and thermal modification of soft tissue.

Electrodes are available in different lengths and shape.

single use product

BiCart Bipolar Arthroscopic Electrodes without suction

Electrodes are available in different lengths and shape.

multi use product (5 times resuable) 

we provide also a complete range of monopolar arthroscopic electrodes for the connection with HF-Handles