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Founded in 1991, SBM is specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of bone repair systems for use in

orthopaedic surgery, traumatology and neurosurgery.

More than 20 years of experience

SBM is an independent company, founded by Denis CLEMENT, PhD in Biomaterials. Based in Lourdes (south-western

France), SBM has a subsidiary in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), SBM Inc.

At the heart of innovation

Not only was SBM the fi rst company to introduce tricalcium phosphate to perform bone grafts in Europe, but also was

the fi rst, in 1996, to invent implants for valgus-producing open-wedge tibial osteotomies.

Today SBM continues to stand out for its unique know-how in the manufacture of biocomposite implants such as

Duosorb, a unique bioabsorbable material which offers mechanical resistance, elasticity, and osteoconduction.

Proven high quality standards

Having expanded into new markets with increasingly strict regulations, SBM has developed a demanding, ISO

9001-13485 (2000) certifi ed quality management approach, which ensures product safety all the way from design to

implementation. Furthermore, SBM was the fi rst European company to obtain CE mark certifi cation, in the 90’s, as well as US FDA approval, in 2003, for its line of synthetic bone augmentation implants (in pure tricalcium phosphate - Biosorb).

LIGAFIX®  interference screw 

LIGAFIX® screws are available in two designs: round head and fl at

head to preserve the graft. The round head screws are suitable for

tibial and femoral fi xation while fl at head screws are designed for tibial fixation.





  • Made of Duosorb material, the implants are absorbed progressively and do not compromise future interventions.


  • The high level of TCP promotes bone ingrowth.


  • Ligafix® screws are available in numerous sizes, different compositions and various designs to match your technique.


30% β-TCP + 70% PLDL .For all types of grafts, ideal for the BTB technique. Optimizes mechanical strength, the screw is in direct contact with the bone plug.


60% β-TCP + 40% PLDL. Only for soft tissue grafts.

Optimizes the kinetics of absorption.

2 heads for femoral and tibial fixation

Lengths: from 20 to 35 mm / Diameters : from 7 to 11 mm


Round head screws

Femoral end: preserves the graft during articular fl exion.

Tibial end: ensures optimal locking.

Flat head screws

Only for tibia.

Insertion facilitated at the end of screwing.

PULLUP® adjustable juxtacortical fixation system

PULLUP® Composed of a titanium plate and pre-mounted braids, PULLUP is a reproducible, simple and safe system. A blind tunnel from 15 mm and a cortical tunnel of 4.5 mm diameter promote bone preservation while ensuring a strong and rigid fixation. Available in a unique adjustable size, the implantation does not require any tunnel length planification and provides stable locking.



  • Controlled locking at blind tunnel endstop, conservation of bone stock.


  • No pre-op planning of tunnel length, perioperative adjustment.


  • Stable locking system, renowned materials.                                                   

PULLUP® System




PULLUP® for ø 4.5 mm cortical tunnel 

Lenght 12 mm / width 2/4 mm 

PULLUP® XL for ø 5 to 10 mm cortical tunnel

Lenght 20 mm / width 2/4 mm 



  • Plate: Titanium Alloy                                                                                              
  • Braids: UHWMPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Pull & fl ip sutures : PE polyester)